Help/FAQs:Broadcast Error Codes
To start a new broadcast, choose a list to send to from Media Lists, WEL Lists or My Lists. You can send to, create and manage your personal lists by choosing an option under My Lists. If you have started a broadcast, but have not completed it, you can continue it by choosing 'Continue Existing' under Job Management. You can view the progress of any broadcast not yet complete by choosing 'View Progress' under Job Management. To view reports of complete broadcasts, or delete an incomplete broadcast, choose 'All Jobs' under Reports. To view a history of all complete broadcasts, choose 'Completed Jobs' under Reports. Manage your personal details and view your accounts under My Details. To manage your opt-out lists, go to 'Optout List' under My Lists
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Broadcast Error Codes

Please note that this is a guide for the most common Error Codes: reasons for non-delivered documents.

Please contact WEL's Sales & Support Office, which can be found on the tab "Contact Us" on the homepage, for further assistance if the code on your Success Report does not appear below.

Fax Error Codes

SENTFax was successfully sent.
BUSYLine gave busy signal with all retries. The receiving fax machine was busy.
NOANPhone keeps ringing. Nobody answers. If you are sure that the number is correct, please contact the recipient. There may be a problem with their fax machine (e.g. out of paper).
INVDThe number is not a valid number. Please check the number and dial again.
NOLNProblem with phone line. Please check line.
BARRWrong number (number changed, call barred).
OPTONumber opted out.
NSUPService or Function not supported by network or user.
COLLAt the moment we started trying to send a fax a call came in.
ERRProcedural or unknown error.
FAILDocument conversion failed. Please resubmit your document.
NOFXNo fax machine detected. Please check the number and try again.
PAGCNo confirmation received after last page transmitted. The fax may have been received by the recipient and the machine failed to confirm.
BADCBad connection or fax modem error at receiving end.
HNUPCall disconnected by the network or remote user (reason unspecified).
LDTELatest Delivery timeout expired.

Voice (Text-to-Speech and WAV broadcast) Error Codes

SENTMessage was successfully sent.
BSINLine busy or incorrect number.
MGNCReceipt of message not confirmed.
RJCTThe message has been rejected.
ERRProcedural or unknown error.
HNUPCall disconnected by the network or remote user (reason unspecified).
NOLNProblem with phone line. Please check line.
NOANPhone keeps ringing. Nobody answers.
LDTELatest Delivery timeout expired.
OPTODestination opted out.

SMS Error Codes
SENTMessage was successfully sent to network.
QUEDMessage queued for delivery.
FAILMessage couldn't be delivered, destination unavailable.
RECEError in destination number, please check the number.
SVREError in the SMS delivery pathway, delivery failed.
BARRDestination blocked or forbidden.
OPTODestination opted out.
INVNThe number is not a valid number. Please check the number and dial again.
BADSThe sender ID is invalid.
EXPDThe message could not be deliverd in the requested delivery period.