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To start a new broadcast, choose a list to send to from Media Lists, WEL Lists or My Lists. You can send to, create and manage your personal lists by choosing an option under My Lists. If you have started a broadcast, but have not completed it, you can continue it by choosing 'Continue Existing' under Job Management. You can view the progress of any broadcast not yet complete by choosing 'View Progress' under Job Management. To view reports of complete broadcasts, or delete an incomplete broadcast, choose 'All Jobs' under Reports. To view a history of all complete broadcasts, choose 'Completed Jobs' under Reports. Manage your personal details and view your accounts under My Details. To manage your opt-out lists, go to 'Optout List' under My Lists
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WEL Business Lists Online

Service Summary

WEL Business Lists Online provides instant contact (by fax) directly to over 25,000 leading Australian businesses with approximately 150,000 executive contacts.

These lists are scaleable and are ideally suited for use by Universities, Publishers, Government, IT Companies, Training Companies, Advertising Agencies, Conference Organisers, Accounting Firms and the Media. Detailed attention is paid to companies and contact people to be included in these databases.

Selections that can be made from WEL Business Lists Online are both meaningful and user-friendly. The search fields to select your target market include any, or all, of:

  • Key Industry Categories
  • Company Size by Number of Employees
  • Company Size by Annual Revenue / Budget (Government)
  • Geographical Areas: by All Australia, All State(s), Non-Metro, Metro (includes Capital CBD) or Capital CBD only.
  • An Organisation's Functional Decision Maker (by Name): Directors, CEO, CFO, CIO, Human Resources, Logistics, Marketing, National Sales, Quality Assurance, Customer Services, plus another 41 titles to select from. (All contacts within this category are updated for accuracy every 3 months).