Email-to-Broadcast function allows you to send one or more messages (sms, fax, voice message) by just sending an email to a designated email address. Simple as that! If you just want to send an SMS, you can send an email with the destination hand-set number in the email address (eg: and the message in the body of the email. That’s all! There are other options you can use in your email to send to multiple recipients and to employ the various message options available in the web site.


Many of us have access to email on our smart phones, so if you're on the go and need to send an urgent alert to your entire company, it's now as easy as sending a single email. You can reference stored lists in your email and quickly send to thousands of recipients in one step!


To ensure no one is "spoofing" your email address, we have two options for authentication of your email. You can embed your password in your email, or we can do a 'challenge/response' sequence of emails to validate your job. If you are comfortable with no authentication, then we can send your messages by just sending an email to us.


We have a simple guide to how to write an email to our system. Once you do a few, you’ll be able to quickly send these emails out. Just copy the examples in the guide!


Send us an email in the format When we receive the email, we will send you a reply email to confirm your request. Just reply back to that email and the authentication if complete! Your messages are then on their way!