About WEL Corporation Pty Ltd

WEL Corp is a Global Communications Company which started in Australia in 2001 and developed an easy-to-use "public portal" (www.welcorp.com) specifically for Broadcast Messaging over the World Wide Web utilizing its own in-house Internet Technology to deliver MULTI-MODE messages of users choice including Fax, E-mail, SMS and "Voice".

WEL Corp’s single focus is on the use of messaging services to provide Managed Broadcast and Business Reply Messaging Solutions. We provide business value by moving ad-hoc business communications into a managed environment and thereby achieving business efficiency that goes straight to your bottom line.

WEL Corp’s messaging and reporting software was combined with our massive broadcast platform provided by our Partners “KoFax” to process messages in bulk for delivery by our Global Partner Aggregators “Dialogue” and “Vocus”.

WEL Corp provides a “total one-stop shop” for communicating with ease to staff, members and customers. Simple online access, including embedded instructions, allow customers to communicate effectively, economically and simultaneously to their own lists of business-to-business and business-to-consumer recipients by ANY of the most modern, rapid & secure MULTI-MODE METHODS of their choice including Fax, E-mail, SMS and “Voice” with three premium services also available:

  • WEL Media: broadcasting media alerts to radio, television & press (fax & e-mail preferences managed by us on a monthly basis)
  • WEL Government: broadcasting media alerts to Commonwealth, State, and local government (by fax)
  • WEL Business Lists On-Line: broadcasting to selected Australian businesses (by fax)

WEL Corp’s GOAL is to continually find better ways to communicate more effectively by the most modern MULTI-MODE METHODS and to reduce the costs of broadcast messaging. WEL passes those savings and best-of-breed technologies on to all WEL customers.

WEL Corp provides World-Wide access to our services via the web which gives registered customers the ability to upload their Electronic Lists (of recipients’ contact details) and send personalised messages to them simultaneously by whatever method(s) they choose. Lists can include multiple fields, API applications are supported, Electronic Invoicing is standard and full reporting & archiving of every broadcast is available.

WEL Corp’s business philosophy is:

  • One-stop shop for all forms of messaging requirements. Use the method that is appropriate to the communication and fits the preferences of the recipient.
  • Total transparency of delivery. You get detailed reports on what was delivered, what was not delivered (if any) and why. And you only pay for what was delivered!
  • No up-front fees, locked-in contracts, or minimum usage requirements. Only pay for what you use and when you use it.
  • If you want something special, let us know. We believe in talking to our clients. We are always working on projects with clients that meet individual requirements as needed.

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