Alerts and Notifications

SMS and Voice alerts for actionable insights

A large international client has a wide disparate workforce working in alternative fuels for vehicles. As part of our solution, we provide simultaneous phone calls to engineers when an IoT sensor identifies a problem with a system, such as a compressor failure, fire alarm, or pressure overload. This means that not only can systems be isolated quickly, but repairs can be coordinated quickly and efficiently without other human intervention.

The automated calling and SMS systems employed mean that the users of the alternative fuels are safer than otherwise. For example, a quick phone call to remote shut down a hydrogen pump at a remote location avoids serious injury or death for users, should an alternative consequence like a spontaneous explosion occur. Fast and reliable Text to Speech phone calls and SMS notifications enable inefficient business processes, and ultimately better customer satisfaction.

Text to Speech phone calls for emergency alerting. App notifications and emails just don’t cut through the noise.
SMS is fast, and deliverable to just about any phone in the world.

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