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An online inbound and outbound fax service is critical for modern professional service firms. Fax is an easy and cost effective way to send and receive secure documents, because fax is difficult to intercept. Legal and financial services companies can have feature rich Fax, SMS and other multichannel tools in one place. We make sure that you never pay for failed faxes, even for connections to valid numbers, where we don’t get a successful transmission result. By default we always send fax in high resolution so you don’t need to worry about the quality on the other side.

Improve communication to improve trust

Clients expect to receive reminders for professional appointments, just like they do with medical appointments. It is easy to streamline communications to keep customers updated in a mobile first world, and enhance the trust placed in your brand. Automating services and differentiating your digital offerings using unique communications will help display your innovation and leadership in competitive industries. We specialise in creating bespoke multichannels systems, IVR’s and ultimately helping you achieve efficiency in business processes.

Customers respond to SMS, not email.
Digital Fax for operational efficiency and simplicity
Bespoke IVR’s and multichannel approach for any application

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