Priority messaging for the healthcare industry

With clients across the health sector, our communication platform supports the automation of data transfer using secure inbound and outbound Fax. With ultra high quality, and modern dither styles, we ensure that your medical fax communicates data well between stakeholders. We ensure that your medical data never leaves Australia, and we have built-in options for document retention policy, or for no retention at all. Use fax broadcasting to inform other practitioners of your services using your list, or our in house business lists.

Improve patient communications with SMS

SMS is an effective tool for reminders, and confirming appointment attendance. Even go a step further by providing test results, and protect patient data with 2 factor authentication, all using SMS. We can help develop solutions for increased customer engagement using two way conversations, and inbound messaging to allow customers to get support when they need it most. Our SMS platform supports a range of solutions, meaning that other languages can be supported and translated into english.

Secure Inbound and Outbound Fax
SMS appointment reminders for your patients
Health care checkup phone call automation

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