Make customers smile with MMS

Enriching customer experience is a breeze with MMS. Send your customers captivating messages that include a Title, 1000 characters, and picture or video up to 1Mb, all in one message, without expecting your recipients to click on links. Rich content using jpeg, gif, mp4, and other formats is made easy with MMS.

2-way MMS, of course we do!

Our two way MMS system does not rely on needing to provision a unique sender ID to your account. So you don’t need to rent a number to send two way MMS with WEL, although this can be arranged easily if desired. We use the best Australian MMS providers, so we have the power to apply different functionality to different campaigns. Talk to us about options for message segment order, sender ID, and throughput rate.

Create your MMS online using our simple SMS wizard

Our intuitive online wizard allows you to compose an MMS, just by choosing advanced options in our SMS wizard. Add a Title for your message, choose the Media file, and send!

Built for flexibility

Our MMS send system allows you to choose which options apply to your campaign. For example if you don’t want to send a Title, or a body of Text, you can still send a picture or gif as an MMS. A rotating gif of several slides can be much more powerful and convey emotions, concepts and branding better than words.

Integrate with your systems

Our lightweight API allows you to send powerful MMS directly from your program to reach your customers.

A real value add

MMS is a great way to save money on longer multi page SMS’s. Instead of sending long text via SMS, such as 7 concatenated SMS pages, consider sending an MMS with a picture. You will achieve more information at a better price.

Inbound MMS

We configure inbound MMS with the payload of text and image file being delivered by email, or through our customer portal. This is an efficient way to receive SMS and MMS from external parties

Get Creative

The rich content afforded by MMS allows you to put your imagination to work. It allows you to convey your brand message in a way that words can’t explain.

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