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Effective Multichannel Customer support provides rewards

SMS and Voice IVR solutions can be adopted as an efficient way to handle internal and external customer enquiries and resolutions. Consider the situation when a person applies on the phone to a contact center for a new credit card. Here is an example of a basic message flow.

1. System operator discusses card requirements and diverts phone calls to a pre-recorded message to obtain a voice recording of the privacy statement, and the acceptance of terms and conditions.

2. System operator enters the recipient’s name, number and contract reference number and clicks “SEND SMS” and a pre-coded SMS is sent to the chosen recipient. The message is something like “{First Name}, re your application today, please reply YES to accept privacy terms and request a XXX Bank Visa Card”.

3. The user then replies with “Yes” or some other statement.
a. If the response is not “Yes” then a second confirmation message is sent with a message such as “Sorry, our system doesn’t recognise your reply. Please reply with the single word “Yes” to complete your XXX Bank Visa Card application.”.

b. If the response is “Yes” then a final confirmation message is sent. Eg. “Thanks {First Name}. Your application reference is {APPLICATION ID}. Please allow up to 7 business days for processing. Our customer service is 1300 123 123”
Also in the case of a “Yes” response, an email is sent to the nominated address containing the details of the contract.

4. If the user does not respond, then a reminder SMS is sent after 24 hours.

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