LinkIn SMS

A highly versatile, personalised, landing page system.

Integrating rich content with SMS is easy with WEL’s mobile landing page solutions. Send each recipient customised content, with up to 16Mb of formatted data through secure HTML webpages. Compose and send from our web portal using the built-in HTML editor, injecting merge fields, and make it beautiful by referencing images and videos. Alternatively, send the data through API or even via Email.

A2P SMS using Email to LinkInSMS

In its simplest form, we turn an email into a hosted webpage and send it via SMS to the recipient. This solves the problem of sending rich content to any smartphone in the world. An optional password can be provided to ensure that the recipient is authorised. Simply send an email to, using any text in the subject line. The recipient will receive an SMS with the body of text taken from the Email subject, and a short URL to their custom webpage, being the email body. We provide other configurations for predefining text and other security options.

Easily communicate up to 16Mb of content via SMS

Solve the challenge of sending rich content to any smartphone in the world using SMS. Leverage the reliability, simplicity and global reach of SMS.

Reduce costs by shortening SMS length.

Instead of sending large multipage SMS’s which are concatenated and drive up cost, simply replace any long text into a webpage and send via a short URL. This provides opportunity to keep cost low, while increasing the level of content and formatting that is provided by SMS alone.

Multiple security levels

The URL link in an SMS can be optionally secured using an authentication question. This helps assure the recipient that the message is intended for them. The question must be answered correctly to open the URL link in the SMS message. The link itself uses a secure HTTPS webpage to prevent the message being read while in transit.

Consistency in delivery attributes

By informing your customers about the message they might receive, customers can increase their cyber and reputational posture. When using LinkInSMS, you can tell your customers about the sender ID, domain of any short links, and password to open the link. This will help give them an opportunity to observe differences in fraudulent messages. Our LinkInSMS system always uses followed by 10 characters.

Dedicated MSISDN’s

Choose your own sender ID, where country permitted. Use our own pool of numbers for one way, two way or three way SMS conversations, or choose a dedicated Virtual number for your application.

Save templates for reuse

Keep brand messages consistent with a template library for SMS and landing pages.

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