ICT & Cyber

Automate and integrate with any application.

Monitoring and alert software can send emails, but they cannot make voice phone calls. Our platform allows for a simple setup to create Voice or SMS alerts from email content. Used in supply chain, remote worker monitoring, and multifactor authentication systems – to automating SEIM / SOC cyber detection and response programs, the only limit to application is your imagination.

Communication enable IoT devices.

There are billions of IoT devices around the world ready to send information to a person. Wouldn’t it be nice if your IoT device could call someone when it has an urgent problem? Or perhaps critical operational problems could be avoided by receiving an urgent communication, instead of an email which may be missed or not observed in time. Need back up communications, or an emergency system to complement existing comms strategies? This is all possible with WEL’s communication enablement systems.

SMS empowers ICT applications
Send large amounts of HTML data via SMS
Enable applications and IoTdevices to make phone calls

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