We specialise in digital transformation for government

Our secure and reliable services represent value for public service buyers, who need to automate and digitise services. As vendors for many government departments at Federal, State and Local level, we provide advanced security and compliance features. As standard, we provide data security, retention policies per user, data sovereignty, and a range of hidden transmission authorisation methods for all message types. We include advanced encryption features, and restrict access in physical, data and application layers. Utilising accredited vendors for ICT server and data centre works, we also ensure peace of mind for PL, PI and Cyber insurance risk.

Send and receive Fax and SMS in your government department.

Our services comply with various privacy, compliance and legal regulations and guidelines. We are listed providers on the BuyICT ( digital marketplace, and support messaging through secure workspaces and email systems. From license reminders to mass pandemic notifications to streamlining fax services, we can help consolidate your spend of multiple vendors into one low cost solution. Let us work with you to enhance your public services.

Secure Inbound and Outbound Fax
SMS for all public services
Text to Speech services for a variety of government applications

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