Text to Speech

Nothing beats the urgent nature of a phone call.

We convert the text into informative, understandable audio, and play it through a phone call. The prolonged nature of a phone call ring means that it is the channel for urgent communications, such as emergencies and alerts. With applications in monitoring, supply chain communications, visual impairment, driving communication, and landline messaging, our text to speech technology provides real flexibility.

Advanced human like voices

Our technology integrates with multiple voice engines, meaning you can choose the language, dialect, accent, gender and style of voice that is right for your application. From robotic, to advanced human sounding voices, we have no code options to make it easy to integrate with your tech stack, even if that is simply sending our system an email.

Discover Voice and Text to Speech

Our text-to-speech technology is perfect not only when you need to get in touch with someone on the go, or someone without a mobile line, but also when you need to gather feedback or record responses.

2-Way TTS

Our 2-way TTS technology allows you to ask for keypress responses and record the results. We can even redirect to another destination given a certain keypress, enabled through our intuitive web interface. Or simply press a key to play another message.

Voicemail detection standard

Our solution comes with Voicemail detection, so that your message will not be missed. If your recipient does not answer the call, and voicemail picks up, we quickly rewind the message after the voicemail introduction, and start the message again.

Escalation calls

Escalation calls provide for sequential calling, as opposed to simultaneous calling to recipients. Such escalations are needed in emergency situations when an alert must be actioned. This feature allows for calls to be placed one after the other, until a person either listens to the message, (not by voicemail) or presses a key to acknowledge the message using 2-way TTS. We also provide customisation with a user defined delay between escalation calls if needed.

The advantage of voice

It reaches landlines and mobiles, and a louder ring gets noticed! Customers can interact even when they can’t type, or in situations where an SMS isn’t viable - those are just a few areas where voice shines!

Automate work and cut labour costs

Whether you’re sending appointment reminders, overdue notices, emergency alerts - anything - our technology lets you do it better, quicker and cheaper, so you can focus on more important work.

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