Retail and eCommerce

Allow your sales to take off with SMS and MMS

Nowadays shoppers expect personalised, digital offers from retailers. SMS and MMS is proven to be a cost effective way to increase store traffic at both bricks and mortar stores and for online shopping experiences. With solutions that are easily integrated with CRM, ERP and POS software, you can built multichannel marketing and drive conversion rates for your business.

Pictures and video are powerful to generate connection

MMS is powerful for retail and eCommerce because the enhanced text message that includes pictures and other content doesn’t need to be clicked to view. Thus, the brand and image is displayed upfront, and doesn’t require any other apps.Combining stong brand wording and visual content has a dramatic effect to show what your business has to offer. It is also much more likely that recipients will click through and share MMS content between friends, compared to simple SMS alone.

Streamline retail experience with SMS
MMS drives desire to purchase

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