We deliver inbound and outbound fax documents quickly and efficiently, with paramount security.

WEL provisions and configures inbound fax numbers at a fraction of normal telco costs – so that you can receive your fax to email. Our integrated platform allows you to send fax documents in just about any format, to one or many people just by sending an email to our system. We automate retrying of busy fax machines, and customise transmission protocol for various destinations.

Only pay for faxes that get there

We have been working with Fax for decades. With built in encryption in transit and at rest, we make faxing simple. We have proven ability to customise solutions for your needs, such as delivery to a secure workspace. Want us to remove documents from our system after transmission – no problem. Need a web portal to view what is going on, that is included too.

Email to Fax

Email to Fax is an easy, secure way to send fax documents using your email client. With configuration for allowed email senders, hidden X-Header-ID’s, or SPF lookup mechanisms, we enable ultra secure authentication mechanisms.

Email to Fax - Step 1

Simply start a new email using your email client. In the “TO” email address field, enter the faxdestination@fax.message-service.org

Email to Fax - Step 2

Add one or several attachments to your email. WEL supports a range of file types such as pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, tif, txt, jpeg. Using your user account settings, you can also enable sending the email body as a fax cover page.

Email to Fax - Step 3

Send your email, and we send the document via fax to the faxdestination. We use high quality conversion and dither settings to provide an excellent quality output on the other end. Configure report notifications, or cease them altogether using your user account.

Other settings

Ask us to enable other setting such as alternate authorised senders, or amalgamating multiple user accounts into one corporate account, enabling full audit history of who has sent what and when.


Want your documents deleted after faxing, just tell us and we’ll remove them and not store anything. You define the document retention policy, backup method, and encryption mechanism.

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