Business Process Automation

Agricultural commodity processors ensure growers are happy with SMS

Out in the field, a farmer receives an SMS confirming that his last truck of sugar cane has been received and processed. While working the land, the SMS provides immediate assurance of the bin number, weight, and details of the receipt. This process provides for easy reconciliation of totals sent from the farm and importantly provides significant trust between the farmer and manufacturer.

On the other side of the country, a commodity aggregator needs to buy chickpeas and Lentils. They send a bulk SMS from their email client asking their farming contacts if they have any to sell, noting a recent price spike for these export products. Quickly they receive replies from farmers to coordinate sales for prices on-farm, or at certain ports.

An ICT provider receives support requests from clients, falling under an SLA priority system. Once a ticket is received, a set of SMS is sent to the client to acknowledge the requests. If the tickets are approaching the timeframe for the SLA, automated SMSs are produced and sent to inform the ICT team about the approaching deadline and the actions still needed. This helps automate communication between parties and ensures that the client’s requirements are met.

Automating informational SMS helps provide your customers with greater levels of satisfaction.

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