Create and Send engaging emails

WEL’s email servers allow you to use advanced features without charging a set monthly fee. It doesn’t matter how many contacts you have, or what features you want to use. WIth WEL you get access to all email features such as real-time reporting, multiformat (HTML and TEXT), and opportunistic TLS sending.

Make it personal and professional

Sending email broadcasts isn’t the same as sending a few messages from Outlook. You need to manage large lists of recipients while avoiding duplicates – and never illegally emailing people who have opted out. Most importantly, your emails need to get there, which means specialised systems at the business broadcast level. If you send thousands of emails from your computer they’ll likely be blocked. We take domain reputation seriously

Build personalised relationships

Our systems manage your list, merge the data into your emails as desired and broadcast it to all the recipients quickly, meaning that your message gets there now and you see results now.

Real time reporting & statistics

Our reporting lets you see sends, unsubscribes, undeliverables and more - all updated in real time. You can even go into each record to see full details, giving you the complete picture - such as how many times a recipient has opened an HTML email.

Send in multiformat Text and HTML

Emails are read in all kinds of browsers and clients, on all kinds of devices, so sometimes your beautiful HTML email won't get read. That's why we let you include a text version in every broadcast.

Reach thousands almost instantly

Our systems manage your list, merge it with your email content and send the broadcast to all recipients within a very short amount of time, meaning that your message gets there now and you see results now.

Built in HTML editor, and template saving system

Keep your brand message consistent with a template saving system, so that you can retrieve template, edit and save again. Our built in HTML and code editor makes importing content and themes a breeze.

Test, and see your price before you send

We own and use the generic domain, and let you set the reply email, display name, and provide attachments. Our system lets you test and see a quotation before you hit Send.

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