PINs, OTPs and Verifications


In an age where online security is a constant concern, the secure and efficient sending of PINs (Personal Identification Numbers) and OTPs (One Time Passwords) has become crucial. Whether authenticating a user, securing financial transactions, or giving access to sensitive information, the reliance on PINs OTPs and Verifications has become an important aspect of online security. It also builds trust.

One method that WEL Corp highly recommends for addressing the need for secure sending of PINs and OTPs is the integration of multichannel gateways and a service like WEL Corps messaging APIs. Let’s explore how these technologies can provide a secure and efficient solution for your businesses needs.

What are PINs OTPs and Verifications?

PINs and OPTs work as a digital key, granting access to accounts, securing sensitive data, or validating financial transactions. The pivotal role they play in safeguarding against unauthorised access or fraudulent activities cannot be understated or underestimated. However, the challenge lies in securely communicating these codes to the correct recipient without compromising their integrity or risking them being intercepted.

Whilst we use features like authenticator applications, there is good reason to have fallback verification methods such as Email, Voice and SMS. When you sign up for a new service online, how does the provider know if you have typed in the correct email address or phone number? You can easily send a code to that destination – landline, mobile or email. If you aren’t verifying your client database, how can you ensure it is accurate?

I can't use the Authenticator app, PINs OTPs and Verifications

A verification works much like OTPs and PINs, matching a unique code to a user identifier. Often this occurs on a client application. WEL can be the transmission gateway for client side apps, and also offers a validation system where code generation and verification occurs on our server, and we send valid or invalid responses back via API.

Why use a Multichannel Gateway System?

A multichannel gateway system serves as a communications bridge between your business and your customers and clients. One of the biggest advantages of a multichannel gateway system is the ability to harness multiple communication channels such as SMS, email, and voice messages. By taking advantage of multiple channels, it ensures a level of reliability when delivering time sensitive messages like PINs and OTPs. In many cases you’ll have a time out clause for the PINs or OTPs and if you can’t guarantee the timely delivery of your messages the system won’t work, using a system that provides redundancies, like multiple communication channels, helps ensure the delivery in a timely manner.

Additionally, not all your clients or customers may have access to a specific communication method or application. Maybe they’re a business that needs their PINs sent to a shared email address so many of their employees can access it. What if your verification app isn’t working or internet service is out? What if a customer is visually impaired, then a voice message is ideal for the delivery of their OTPs. There are many cases where being able to offer a flexible approach on how you deliver PINs and OTPs may put you above your competitors and encourage customer loyalty.

Compliance with data protection and privacy regulations.

No matter your industry, data protection and privacy standards and regulations are an important consideration. In many industries you’ll face even stricter regulations, especially in industries dealing with sensitive information such as the financial or medical industries. The additional layer of security that two-factor authentication provides through the use of PINs and OTPs can help your business ensure you’re meeting, and hopefully surpassing, and regulations and standards that apply to your industry.


The secure and reliable transmission of PINs OTPs and Verifications has become a cornerstone of modern digital security. The synergy between a multichannel gateway system and alternate MFA apps, not only increases security measures but also offers a seamless user experience for your customers and clients. As technology evolves it’s important that businesses embrace innovative solutions to prioritise data security while not hurting customer experiences. WEL is a leading expert in combining innovative communication solutions for any industry. So, if you want to improve security for your customer and client’s sensitive information and embrace the trust that encourages, then contact WEL Corp today!

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