Security with Cloud Fax


Cloud fax systems have been developed over many years, which provide time and cost benefits over legacy fax systems. Most cloud fax providers include a range of controls to help you manage the data that you send and receive. This post will discuss features of our platform that maintain high security with cloud fax. With WEL’s fax systems, you don’t need to opt-in, nor pay additional fees for true data sovereignty. All processing, transmission and storage stays within Australian zones.

Document Retention options

When a document is sent with a cloud fax provider, they save the document on a server. Of course, the document stored should be encrypted, however the processor of the fax at some point will need to decrypt the document to be able to send it through their telephony system. Ask yourself what they do with the document after sending. One of the most important things to decide, is how long your provider retains your inbound and outbound fax documents.

Our system allows for configuration of a document retention limit, in hours from job completion up to 30 days. Importantly this setting is hidden from users, it can only be changed by an higher role based account. We recommend only keeping a version for a small period of time. If the data is sensitive, we recommend setting the retention time at zero hours.

Server Configuration

Check how performs against our competitors at SSL Labs. Whilst not everything, well configured server systems are a must for good security. Additionally ask your prospective cloud fax provider if they have recent copies of vulnerability testing reports for review.

Document Backup settings

For deep audit history, documents can optionally be backed up using advanced encryption ciphers for up to 8 years. As a default we will not backup documents unless opting in to this feature, which is free value add service. This setting is only available to our administration team, and is variable upon request.

Do Not Call Register

What is the DNCR? The Do Not Call Register is a free service so that consumers can register phone or fax numbers to avoid marketing material by fax or phone call. WEL provides a washing service for Fax marketing communications. Marketing lists can be cleaned of numbers that are on the DNCR, so that you can be confident of not breaching the Act (Do Not call Register 2006). Interestingly, the volume of numbers on the register is increasing, and the volume of numbers being washed against the register is decreasing.


The Australian Communications and Media Authority regulates a range of services, and importantly deals with scams, spam, and marketing communications. It is important to know your rights and responsibilities when sending Fax or SMS, which is paramount when the content is marketing related. This includes having the consent of the recipient, and having compliant opt-out mechanisms. WEL supports a variety of opt-out mechanisms for Fax and SMS broadcasting.


WEL contains strict security and management controls to reduce risk and protect customer data. By systematically managing information security for cloud fax, our commitment to continual improvement never wavers.

How it works

With multiple routing options, transmission settings, and no charge for failed faxes, we put the onus on ourselves to ensure your fax gets through.

Outbound faxing is simple. We receive your documents from you, convert it to a fax format, and transmit it via secure methods. We retry the fax automatically if the destination is busy or a telephony network error occurs. Our systems support document conversion from all major file formats, via web, email and API submission – not all providers allow this. Our systems provide modern fax dither styles providing a truthful representation of the original document over Fax.

Multiple Australian outbound fax and voice servers contain hundreds of lines of capacity, meaning your data stays sovereign. Additionally every user has fax and voice priority allocation, allowing for queue handling and throughput maximisation.

Inbound fax infrastructure lies on two aggregation points, allowing for failover redundancy. Additionally, each inbound fax line has multiple channels available, so that a single fax line can receive faxes simultaneously. This achieves an inbound fax solution that is never busy.

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