An image representing API options for automated messaging

The benefits of automation in communications

In today’s fast paced digital landscape, effective communication is a requirement for successful businesses. Whether it’s reaching out

Security with Cloud Fax

Security with Cloud Fax

Cloud fax systems have been developed over many years, which provide time and cost benefits over legacy fax

Someone working on a laptop setting privacy settings for their communication system

PINs, OTPs and Verifications

In an age where online security is a constant concern, the secure and efficient sending of PINs (Personal

RESTful, json responsive API

Unlock the power of messaging APIs for your business

Communication is key in business, especially in today’s fast paced and connected world. Businesses of all sizes and

A person holding a mobile phone correcting their API settings

SMS Surveys for Customer Engagement

One of the most important things that a brand can do, is engage with their customers, potential customers,

A modern fax machine

Legal and Government: Why use Cloud Fax?

Lawyers conduct a lot of business by sending notices, contracts, and other documents to other lawyers, businesses, and

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